HyResponder Deliverables

WP NoDeliverable numberTitleLead BeneficiaryNatureDissemination LevelDelivery date
WP1D1.1Report on hydrogen safety aspects of technologies, systems and infrastructures pertinent to respondersALReportPU30 Jun 2020
WP1D1.2Description of regional, national and international training activities for responders to accidents involving hydrogenUlsterReportPU30 Sep 2020
WP1D1.3Account of scenarios and operational emergency planning and response strategies and tacticsENSOSPReportPU31 Dec 2020
WP2D2.1Revised International Curriculum on hydrogen safety training for respondersUlsterReportPU30 Sep 2020
WP2D2.2First revision of Educational training materials for respondersUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2021
WP2D2.3Final version of Educational training materials for respondersUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2022
WP2D2.4First revision of European Emergency Guide
Please see the e-Platform for the draft version: HyResponder e-platform
ENSOSPReportCO30 Jun 2021
WP2D2.5Final version of Emergency response guideENSOSPReportPU31 Dec 2022
WP2D2.6HyResponder Virtual Reality training materials
The virtual reality materials are the output but they have been described in the accompanying document
CRISE OtherCO28 Feb 2021
WP2D2.7Operational training materials for HyResponder
The platform is the output but it has been described in the accompanying document
ENSOSPOtherPU28 Feb 2021
WP2D2.8e-Platform for training materials
Working version: e-platform
PERSEEOtherPU31 Dec 2022
WP3D3.1Report on the Formation of National Training ClusterUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2020
WP3D3.2Short course for trainersENSOSPOtherPU30 Jun 2021
WP3D3.3Analysis of feedback and evidence of implementationUlsterReportPU31 Oct 2021
WP4D4.1Plan for National Training ProgrammesUlsterReportPU30 Jun 2021
WP4D4.2Integration of translated materials into the e-PlatformPERSEEOtherPU31 Dec 2021
WP4D4.3Report on the delivery of National Training Cluster WorkshopsUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2021
WP5D5.1Dissemination, outreach and communication planUlsterReportPU30 Apr 2020
WP5D5.2Minutes of first SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO30 Jun 2020
WP5D5.3Update of dissemination, outreach and communication planUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2020
WP5D5.4Minutes of second SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO31 Dec 2020
WP5D5.5Minutes of third SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO30 Jun 2021
WP5D5.6Establishment of Pan-European Network of trainersUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2021
WP5D5.7Minutes of fourth SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO31 Dec 2021
WP5D5.8Second update of dissemination, outreach and communication planUlsterReportPU31 Dec 2021
WP5D5.9Minutes of fifth SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO30 Jun 2022
WP5D5.10Minutes of sixth SAB meetingPERSEEReportCO31 Dec 2022
WP5D5.11International e-Forum for respondersPERSEEReportPU31 Dec 2022
WP5D5.12Recommendations on the Pan-European recognition and continuation of hydrogen safety training for respondersCTIF ReportPU31 Dec 2022
WP6D6.1Kick-off meeting minutesUlsterReportCO31 Mar 2020
WP6D6.2WebsiteUlsterOtherPU30 Apr 2020
WP6D6.31st progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2020
WP6D6.4Data Management PlanUlsterORDP: Open Research Data PilotCO30 Jun 2020
WP6D6.52nd progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2020
WP6D6.6Update 1 of Data Management PlanUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2020
WP6D6.73rd progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2021
WP6D6.84th progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2021
WP6D6.9Update 2 of Data Management PlanUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2021
WP6D6.10First annual online data reportingUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2021
WP6D6.115th progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2022
WP6D6.12Annual Online Data ReportingUlsterReportCO30 Jun 2022
WP6D6.136th progress meeting minutesUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2022
WP6D6.14Final Data Management PlanUlsterReportCO31 Dec 2022
WP7D7.1POPD - Requirement No. 1UlsterEthicsCO31 Dec 2020

PU = Public
CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)

This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (now Clean Hydrogen Partnership) under Grant Agreement No 875089. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research.