What is it?
HyResponder’s e-platform is an integrated set of interactive materials that provide trainers, learners, and others involved in hydrogen safety for first responders with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management. 
It’s conceived to be the one-stop-shop” and “go-to” location for all information and training resources to be utilized by responders.

Why is it created?
It is foreseen that the e-Platform will be used to share best practices, exchange information on incidents and lessons learned, and incorporate case studies, whilst facilitating sharing of the applicable tools for hydrogen safety.

How is its logic?
New tools for hazards and risks, lecture materials, supporting materials for VR and operational training, and the EEGR will all be hosted on the training platform.
e-Education and an eLaboratory addressing various target groups and levels of education are also integrated and easy to access.