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Operational Training

How to use these materials:

These materials are not intended to replace hands-on training and should be used by trainers who have undergone appropriate training as prompts.

The materials are grouped by topical sequence. Each sequence incorporates 1 or more videos and refers directly to the relevant tactics sheets in the EERG. For each sequence the following materials should be used:

  1. The summary video sheet with embedded video links
  2. The European Emergency Response Guide (EERG)
  3. The exercise sheet.
  1. Fuel cell equipment
    1. V 1-B-1 Operational video 
    2. VR 1-B-1 Simple fire of radio antenna power generator into a remote location
    3. VR 1-B-2 Fuel cell fire into industrial estate, near H2 production line
  2. Ignited gaseous leaks
    1. V 2-A-2 Operational video 
    2. VR 2-A-1 Leak on the H2 feeding of a forklift station in a storage area
    3. VR 2-A-2 Ignited leak on the storages of a solar production site
  3. Vehicles fires
    1. V 2-B-2 Operational video
    2. V 2-B-1 Single car burning in open grounds
    3. VR 2-B-1 Single car burning in open grounds
    4. VR 2-B-2 Several cars (multi-energy) incident in tunnel
  4. Liquid hydrogen
    1. V 3-A-2 Operational video
    2. VR 3-A-1 Sphere feed pipe leak in industrial storage (puddle)
    3. VR 3-A-2 LH2 truck incident in commercial area (LH2 dump)
  5. Transportation
    1. VR 3-B-1 H2 train fire in countryside
    2. VR 3-B-2 H2 Bus Fire downtown
  6. Small storage
    1. V 4-A-2 Operational video
    2. VR 4-A-1 Bottle rack dispersion (dismantled rack and leak)
    3. VR 4-A-2 Dismantled H2 trailer on motorway
  7. Explosion in a fuel cell enclosure
    1. VR 4-B-2 Explosion in a FC container