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Educational training

Educational training contents and learning levels.

The educational training materials consist of lectures on 12 topics and 1 glossary section. These materials are used in to provide background knowledge in support of operational and virtual reality training. A collection of training resources are provided for each of the 12 lecture topics, to be adapted by trainers as required;

  • Lecture documents at up to four suggested learning levels, dependent on the topic (fire fighter, crew commander, incident commander and specialist)
  • One overarching presentation per topic
  • Where appropriate a MOOC 

Learning levels

Four different learning levels have been defined, corresponding to the roles and competence levels of fire fighter, crew commander, incident commander and specialist. The learning levels are aligned to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Full details of the role stratification and learning expectations are given in the attached document. This framework was used as a basis to “stratify” the educational lectures into up to 4 levels as appropriate to the topic. 

There are some topics where materials are available at all levels, or others where it is deemed for example a topic for specialist only.

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